Know Your Continuing Education Requirements for a Florida Contractor

Article by Gregory Siviur

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) require all certified and registered contractors to complete 14 hours of continuing education. Licensees who fail to meet their continuing education requirements by the license expiration date may face non-renewal or disciplinary action. This requirement has been in force since the end of 1993.

Each registered and certified Florida contractor will need one hour of the following core courses:

• Workplace safety• Business practices• Workers’ compensation• Laws & rules• Advanced building code• Wind mitigation (this applies to General, Building, Residential, Specialty and Glass/Glazing contractors only)

The remaining 8 or 9 hours can be of any general interest topic that would apply to a construction professional.

The above applies to all active license status Florida contractors. If you place your license in inactive status you are not required to maintain your continuing education hours. However when you want to become “active” you must show proof of completing the 14 hours of continuing education (includes core courses) for each inactive two year period.

Continuing education courses can be completed via live seminar, viewing recorded videos or over the internet. Internet continuing education providers offer courses that you read, listen to audio recordings, or view interactively.

A list of approved providers can be found online at Once at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website navigate to Doing Business with US, then on the left side of page click Find a CE Course. On the new page is a drop down box under “Board” – highlight “Construction Industry Licensing Board”, under this box is “Requirement” – highlight the type of course you want to take. Finally click on Search box in the lower right corner. The result will be list of approved course titles. Each course title has a little more information if you click the blue icon labeled “info.”

If you want to check on the status of you contractor continuing education hours to see if they were reported by the continuing education provider then go to Click on Renew/Maintain a License in the middle of the page, next click on Construction Industry, Log on or activate your account. Once logged on along the left side of the page is View Continuing Ed, click on this and it will display a page detailing your current continuing education records.

You are responsible to maintain your records of completion of continuing education. The providers are not required to keep any records for more than four years. This is especially important if you are inactive for many renewal cycles and then want to reactivate your license. You may need to demonstrate proof of your attendance.

If your continuing education hours that are displayed are incorrect you will need to contract the continuing education provider. The provider is required to electronically post your course completion hours to the DBPR within 30 days or before your license expires whichever is sooner.

In cases where the provider no longer has your records you can fax to the DBPR a cover letter together with your course certificates of completion to 850-922-2316. If they accept your records they will manually post your credits to your account.

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Gregory Siviur is an instructor at“> He has 25 years of industry experience together with a Master’s degree in Building Construction from the University of Florida and a BA in Business Administration from the University of South Florida. Florida requires all contractors to complete 14 hours of continuing education bi-annually to renew their licenses. Take a Look at our Course Catalog on our website

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