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Best Of: Construction workers get paid after wage theft is exposed – Florida Independent

Best Of: Construction workers get paid after wage theft is exposedFlorida IndependentRestrepo identified many of the companies involved in the wage theft (Pozo Construction, Florida Shell Construction and BJ&K Construction), each of whom blamed others on the project for the missing money. After Restrepo's initial story, … Florida construction project – Google News


Addressing Pre-Existing Conditions on Construction Projects (Trent Cotney)

This video presented by Trenton (Trent) Cotney, a Tampa construction lawyer, briefly discusses legal issues pertaining to pre-existing conditions on Florida construction projects as well as how to address those issues to avoid damage claims.


Florida Construction Lien Law Part III (Trent Cotney)

This is part III of a multi-part video series on Florida construction lien law by Tampa construction lawyer, Trent Cotney. This video discusses the notice of commencement and the notice to owner and reviews some common mistakes made by contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects and engineers.


Employing The Best Florida Roofing Contractors

Article by Sagbee C There is certainly a large number for you to choose from when it comes to roofing contractors in Florida. You may soon find that Florida roofing contractors are not all the same because they do not wield the same expertise in the house roofing profession. Securing the best roofing for your […]