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Florida: 3 Dead in Construction Collapse – New York Times

Florida: 3 Dead in Construction CollapseNew York TimesAt least eight others were injured when the construction project collapsed into piles of twisted steel and crumbled concrete on Wednesday. The accident happened as crews were putting in a spandrel beam, a five-story, pre-cast concrete puzzle piece that … Florida construction accident – Google News


KB Must Stand For Ka-Boom – The Bradenton Times

The Bradenton Times KB Must Stand For Ka-BoomThe Bradenton TimesThe company has been sued for fraud and price fixing in Arizona, Nevada and California — building homes on a former bombing range — violating Federal Trade Commission agreements to repair crumbling houses — while getting hit with a $ 20 million … Florida construction code […]


Inside a high-end real-estate deal gone bad – The Seattle Times

Inside a high-end real-estate deal gone badThe Seattle Times"Mr. Minkow is on his own down there in Florida," Marsch attorney Richard Van Dyke said. Marsch and Briarwood are in bankruptcy. A bankruptcy judge handed control of the cases to trustees last summer, writing: "This court has lost confidence in Mr. …and more » Florida construction bankruptcy […]


Fairfield Inn construction coming – Marietta Times

Fairfield Inn construction comingMarietta Times"We closed on the property around May 26 and will start construction, digging and pouring footers later this month," said Michael Holtz, president of MPH Hotels Inc., the Florida company that will build and operate the $ 3 million facility. … Florida construction contractor – Google News